University Discourse: Key Differences Between Islam and Christianity

The Key Difference Between Islam and Christianity @ Queen'sThe similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism are often discussed but what is it that sets Islam apart from Christianity? Some people respect the Islamic belief but consider it unnecessary to become 'Muslims.' This lecture was given to an audience of Muslims and Christians (both Catholics and Protestants) in predominantly Christian, N. Ireland. Belfast is a city which was wrecked by paramilitary war for decades in which Catholics and Protestants have often considered each others version of Christianity as something foreign, the religion of Islam is something distant and unknown to many in the province, this lecture was given to promote dialogue, discussion and eventual agreement that Allah (Almighty God) is to be worshiped alone, furthermore that the call of Moses, Jesus and all other prophets of this One, True God was 'one call', a monotheistic call which is the basis of Islam. 

From the topics discussed:

  • The Nature of 'God'
  • Anthropomorphism
  • Muhammad, the Muslim substitue for Jesus (in divinity)?
  • Multiple Messengers, a Single Message (Tawheed - Montheism)
  • Prophets: Divinely commissioned not solely 'Divine'
  • The Concept of the 'Trinity'
  • Extensive Q&A with the Audience

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