Islam: A Religion of Justice in all Circumstances

Islam: A Religion of Justice in all Circumstances

A look at how Islam views any form of injustice or oppression. Even in the face of aggression, oppression or times of strife, Islam does not permit the Muslims to exceed unlawful boundaries or to seek personal revenge. 

The Messenger of Allah, may peace be upon him, informed us that Allah said: O My Servants, indeed I have prohibited injustice for myself, and I have prohibited it amongst you.”

The noble scholar; ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Aal Ash Shaykh comments:This is general to all mankind, whether they are Muslim or not, it is not permissible for any one person to oppress another even if they were enemies or harbored hatred for one another. Enmity and hatred do not authorize anyone in the legislation of Islam to be unjust or practice oppression.

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