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AbdulWahed created the topic: Women Opressed by Islam...
...or Western Culture?

A Western Woman and Her Culture

When a western woman, such as myself, turns towards Islam, the road is long and sometimes difficult beyond description. The result of such a conversion is a new life filled with learning and self-awareness of a woman's place in God's great universe.

The western culture uses its women towards its own goals. T.V. commercials are inundated with lessons that teach everyone what they must desire. A slim figure seems essential because the clothing advertised exposes everything on a western woman, except her intelligence. There are books, by the millions, published about “How to be a Sex Symbol”, “How to Make Friends” and so many more “How To's” for the poor inept soul that cannot sell itself to the buying public. Everything has a price and everything must be desired. A woman, in this system, is used and conversely must use others. The system feeds upon itself. Such was my thinking before coming to Islam.

A Muslim Woman and Islamic Culture

When I first approached Islam I began reading the Noble Qur'an and then studying Islam, I wondered at its simplicity. Life in the western culture is so endlessly complicated by false needs and desires. At first Islam seems to be unintelligible to a westerner simply because we are always taught that life must be filled with self-gratification and self-seeking pleasure. Since we are taught that any mode of thinking that does not follow that basic line must always be wrong, I had to reconstruct my entire consciousness.

Islam is more logical, yet it contradicts everything that I was ever taught. When one spends an entire lifetime demanding self abuse in the name of freedom, the prospect of a life dedicated to God, instead of selfish desires, becomes frightening as well as exciting. The mere notion that there is another, a better way, is difficult to accept, because we are always taught that the Western way is the only way. It is much easier to look into the mirror and see a reflection of make-up and false smiles than it is to look into one's own soul and see a reflection of emptiness and a life without hope, without God. Therefore, the first step towards Islam (beginning with total dedication) requires courage and conviction.

Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him) first charted the road to Islam so many years ago. Courage, faith, steadfastness and prayers are the weapons needed, to reach the destination.

Islam is a total life system that enjoins respect for the purity of life. It insures purity of family life as well as purity of the individual. A woman is a special individual in the eyes of God and not just a produce for commercialization. The exploitation of woman does not exist in Islam. We are not used, abused or sold for a higher economic gain.

A woman accepting Islam must learn and recognize that exploitation and commercialization of the female are a sin and they should not blindly accept being used and exploited. A Muslim woman is a respected member of the Muslim community, contributing in a positive way to family and community life. With the respect given, the Muslim woman also comes to possess responsibility. One must keep oneself pure from alcohol, drugs and general immoralities forced upon one by the western culture. There are daily incentives and enticements towards sin on T.V, Radio, newspapers, movies and every aspect of western life. These are daily reminders that a life of sin is normal and even a requirement for a happy existence. Co-workers and neighbors do not like to be around anyone who does not help them in pursuing their life of ease and luxury. It is during these times that the weapons of courage, faith, steadfastness and prayer are needed the desired aim.

God's Blessing on a Muslim Woman

Muslim women must be stronger and more confident than other women. To be a Muslim woman living in the western world today is a great responsibility, but the rewards may be blessings for all mankind, if by our practical example, of eternal faith and purity of life, we could each bring just one other woman to Islam there would be a better world for all. Islam is a viable total life system that gives promise of a better tomorrow to the troubled world of today. I am proud of being a Muslim woman because only in Islam are God's blessings so bountiful.

May God Almighty grant us the sense of distinguishing between right and wrong, enjoining what is right and averting what is wrong.

Begum Amina Lakhani (Ohio, U.S.A)

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