Post 9/11: American Convert finds Peace in Islam

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Convert finds peace in Islam
Aaron Nichols looked into religion after Sept. 11
Herald Staff Writer

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, Aaron Eugene Nichols, then 17, did what many in the United States couldn't think of doing: He embraced Islam. \"I wanted to know both sides of the story. I wasn't just going to believe what I heard on TV,\" said Nichols, now 21, who has changed his name to Haron, Arabic for Aaron.

\"Everybody was saying how Islam and Muslims were terrorists, so I wanted to find out for myself. I was taught to think for myself, not to believe what others tell me. And I found out it was the complete opposite,\" said the Monterey man. Just as the events of Sept. 11 changed America, they also changed Haron and many other Americans who have accepted Islam and become Muslims, said a local imam.

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