Uprooting the Forces of Evil: Islam's War on Terror


  Series: Islamic Information Series No. 6 Source: Hassan Hussein Abdi & The Reign of Islamic Da'wah Centre, Toronto, Canada [] Published: 2008 (2nd edition)


  How should Muslims view Bin Laden and those like him?
Hassan Hussein Abdi


In the Name of Allaah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

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An important compilation of questions and answers on terrorism, terrorist and the correct Islamic stance. Questions on the bombings around the world, the influence of foreign policy, the misrepresentation of the Qur'an (on the part of terrorist idelogy), suicide, supposed martyrdom, cooperation with authoroties (against terrorists), and the correct view on the likes of Bin Laden.

From the pamphlet:

If a Muslim is aware that someone, maybe another Muslim, is planning to commit an act of terrorism, can he inform the police?

It is mandatory upon them to inform the necessary authorities, because these people are plotting to transgress, oppress and murder.

Prophet Muhammad (May Allah Raise His Rank and Grant Him Peace) said:
"Aid your brother whether he is the oppressed or the oppressor."

The Prophet (May Allah Raise His Rank and Grant Him Peace) was asked:
"How is the oppressor to be aided?"

He responded:
"By preventing him from oppression."


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