Zachary David Simpson (USA)

•    American
•    Was a Mormon Christian

My name is Zachary David Simpson and I am 31 years old. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah in a family that was converted to mormonism by my Mom. We always went to church every Sunday and I always felt out of place there. I was quiet and shy and the kids in the sunday school thought that I was a loser so they made sure to treat me accordingly. When I was 8 they dunked me in a pool in white garments and said I was now officially one of them. However, my Dad decided to stop attending church that year, and I followed him in his decision, even though my Mom objected to it. I spent the following years until I was 14 being harassed and shunned by these people that think they will eventually become gods. (and Allaah's refuge is sought)

Then I decided to become a musician in emulation of my favorite guitar player. I spent the next 11 years playing and practicing with people I considered dispicable.. (because of their drug use and their abuse of women). Then I decided just to play for myself and not join anymore bands as I was fed up with them. I was a person who would do anything for my art so I went to the library to find something I could read to improve my concentration. I found a book on Zen and started practicing the techniques in it. After that I decided to check out what other religions say (other than buddhism). The first religion I investigated was Islam. Up until that point I thought there was a God but there was no proof for His existence. Then the book I read quoted an example that if you see footprints in the sand you know that a man was there and it finally made sense that God's signs are everywhere. The sun, the moon, the birds flying in the sky with no support but Allah holding them there. The book also quoted many examples of our beloved Messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam (May Allah mention him amongst the greater gatherings of the angels). His character with his wives is what impressed me the most about him as well as his complete and utter trustworthiness. So I accepted Islaam about 3 weeks later.
I was torn between my love of music and Islam but I finally decided Allah was more important than a 'block of wood with wires on it.' I finally sold my equipment after I read the story of Salman al Farsi [the Persian] (May Allah be pleased with him) and how he was making hijrah (migration) to Madinah and the idolaters stopped him but he told them he would give them his wealth if they would let him go. Soon thereafter Allah the Majestic sent someone who is my closest friend now to teach me how the people of Islam and the Sunnah (Prohetic way) implemented the religion. He was also a former mormon so we had alot in common right from the start. Islam is the only way to achieve true joy as Eemaan (true faith) frees you from the chains of idolatry and oppression and injustice. Wherever you are you know that Allah controls every situation you are put in and He is All-Powerful and All-Knowing of everything and everyone. So there is no reason to fear anything but Him and Him alone. May Allah guide those who read this and give us that great reward (of inviting to Islam), Ameen. Ash Hadu an laa Ilaha Illa Allahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu wa Ash Hadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasuluh (I bear witness that there is nothing deserving of worship except Allaah, Alone wihout any partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is his slave and Messenger).


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