Sherman (Jaffar) Whittenburg - Ex-Model and Actor (USA)

Sherman (Jaffar) Whittenburg - Ex-Model and Actor Speaks to on His Conversion to Islam

From Modelling fame to IslamSherman Whittenburg is a former model and actor who modelled for magazines such as 'GQ' and 'The Source' and had acting spots in 'All My Children' and TV commercials. A former College basketball player from New York, Whittenburg turned to modelling and acting after sustaining an injury. After enjoying some quick success as a model and actor, Allah opened his heart to Islam. Sherman shares his unique and beautiful journey to Islam with - an inspiring story of hard-times in Brooklyn, New York to almost overnight stardom in modelling/acting to his eventual journey to Islam in which he left behind a world of opportunity and wealth for the simplicity of worshipping the one, sole creator, the religion of Islam.

Tags: model, gq, actor, convert

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