Umm Khadija Argoub (France)

Umm Khadija Argoub

•    Italian-French
•    was a Roman Catholic
•    became Muslim in Mar 1993

I stopped practicing my religion when I was ten years old. When I was in school I learned about how badly priests used to treat people in the past. They used to lie and terrorize the people. So that put me off my religion. Later on I had a best friend who was a Jehovah’s Witness. She used to talk to me about her faith. I was a little bit interested. It sounded more logical to me. Then I came to England and met my husband (a Muslim) and he talked to me about Islaam and the Oneness of God and how all the Prophets used to preach this. This sounded the most logical to me. I read the Qur'aan and books to find out more about Islam. And then that was it. I was sure. I was convinced that Islaam was the truth."

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